Bonus – Contribution reduction system


The new rules of the Bonus – Contribution reduction system, approved last March by means of Royal Decree 231/2017, open up new possibilities and expand the options to access this incentive from the year 2017 (Bonus Campaign 2018 ), by reducing the necessary requirements to request it:

  • It is not necessary to prove complementary actions or investments in the field of prevention.
  • The deadline for the resolution of the General Direction of Social Security Regulation is limited, up until March of the following year. As such, the incentive will be obtained more quickly.
  • The amount of the incentive will be 5% of the amount of the provision for professional contingencies corresponding to the observation period, without limitation of the investments, since they are not obligatory. However, if the company invests in complementary actions for prevention, you can opt for an additional incentive of 5%, with the amount of the investments as limit.

In order to apply the company must:

  • Achieve a volume of quotas for professional contingencies in a maximum observation period of 4 years:
    • General Mode exceeding € 5,000.
  • Small Business Mode: Between € 250- € 5,000.
  • Be below the general and extreme casualty rate.
  • Be up to date with your social security contribution obligations at the end of the submission period (05/31/2018).
  • Not have been penalized by a final resolution of an administrative nature for serious or very serious violations in the field of Prevention of Labor Risks or Social Security.
  • Prove by means of the responsible declaration the fulfillment of the obligations of prevention of labor risks.
  • Have informed the delegates of prevention of the application for the incentive.


The deadline for submission of applications is from April 15 to May 31, 2018.