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Recovery of delayed payments in loan or credit contracts with mortgage guarantee formalized with physical persons

Traditionally, the judicial recovery of arrears in mortgage loan or credit agreements formalized with individual consumers was carried out through the filing of mortgage foreclosure proceedings under Book III of the LEC (forced execution) and Chapter V of Title IV (execution on mortgaged and pledged assets). The filing of such executive action is based on ...

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(CAT) Nou cop a la banca: nul·litat parcial de les hipoteques multidivisa

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How to recover housing by default of the tenant?

The lease is a contract in which the owner of the property cedes the use and enjoyment of the same in favor of a third party, for a certain period of time and in exchange for a rent, so that he can use it. -the house. It may happen, during the term of the contract, ...

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(CAT) Jutjats especialitzats en reclamacions contra bancs: Qui resoldrà la meva reclamació?

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(CAT) Incident possessori en les execucions hipotecàries

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(CAT) Venciment anticipat: una suspensió controvertida

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What can I do if my invoice is unpaid?

In this post, we will give some helpful tips when it comes to invoicing a client that has left us unpaid. It should be borne in mind that when we refer to “unpaid invoice” we also refer to any other type of debt that we have to pay. Although it would be best to get ...

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(CAT) La compravenda de immobles en concurs de creditors

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(CAT) Nova reforma de la Llei hipotecària

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(CAT) S’amplia el límit per a sol•licitar ajornaments sense garantia fins a 30.000€ per deutes gestionades per les Comunitats Autònomes

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(CAT) El perdó dels deutes de la persona física

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(CAT) Hisenda amplia el límit per a sol·licitar ajornaments sense garantia fins a 30.000€

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