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Europe declares spanish courts have to control IRPH

The Supreme Court of Justice of the European Union has considered that the Spanish courts of justice should ensure the clear and comprehensible nature of the clauses contained in mortgage agreements that establish the application of a variable interest rate based on the benchmark index of the savings banks (IRPH). Two years after the Barcelona ...

Mònica de Sangenís

Recovery of delayed payments in loan or credit contracts with mortgage guarantee formalized with physical persons

Traditionally, the judicial recovery of arrears in mortgage loan or credit agreements formalized with individual consumers was carried out through the filing of mortgage foreclosure proceedings under Book III of the LEC (forced execution) and Chapter V of Title IV (execution on mortgaged and pledged assets). The filing of such executive action is based on ...

Laia Garcia

(CAT) Nou cop a la banca: nul·litat parcial de les hipoteques multidivisa

Mª José Machado

(CAT) Jutjats especialitzats en reclamacions contra bancs: Qui resoldrà la meva reclamació?

Mª José Machado

(CAT) Incident possessori en les execucions hipotecàries

Patricia Aixerch

(CAT) Venciment anticipat: una suspensió controvertida

Gemma Porta

(CAT) Són nul·les totes les clàusules sòl?

Mª José Machado

(CAT) Com declarar les quantitats percebudes en concepte de clàusules sòl?

Ana Brillas

(CAT) Nova reforma de la Llei hipotecària

Neus Vallara

(CAT) Nou cop a les clàusules sòl

Neus Vallara