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The local tax on increased value of real estate: can it be confiscatory and, therefore, deemed void?

The Third Chamber of the Supreme Court (hereinafter, SC) addresses this particular issue in its recent decision No. 1689/2020, of December 9 (appeal No. 6386/2017). In this case the facts are the following: A company (hereinafter, X) acquired an urban property in the city of Madrid, in 1998, for an amount of 52 million pesetas ...

Alejandro Santelices

Property purchase: be aware of the community of owners’ fees

One of the most pressing issues when acquiring a property is learning about its status of debts, specifically those that may exist with the Community of Owners. It is not a minor issue, since, should these debts exist, the law provides for a direct liability regime for the purchaser, for which the estate itself is ...

Neus Vallara

Real Estate legal audit: purchase and sell with safety

Real Estate Due Diligence is an exhaustive revision of the legal status of a property, as well as the various aspects and legal consequences of its acquisition or transfer. The result of this revision is a report in which, mainly, identified contingencies are stated along with the recommendations suggested by the legal team in order ...

Neus Vallara

Recovery of delayed payments in loan or credit contracts with mortgage guarantee formalized with physical persons

Traditionally, the judicial recovery of arrears in mortgage loan or credit agreements formalized with individual consumers was carried out through the filing of mortgage foreclosure proceedings under Book III of the LEC (forced execution) and Chapter V of Title IV (execution on mortgaged and pledged assets). The filing of such executive action is based on ...

Laia Garcia

Can I sell my apartment if it is leased?

Of course, there is no impediment to selling your apartment even if it is leased. Different question is the type of buyer profile that will be interested in acquiring it. Buyers who are looking for a regular home will discard it right away, but those buyers who have investing in mind can approve of it, ...

Neus Vallara

What happens to the deposit in a lease agreement?

When we subscribe a lease agreement the lessor requires the constitution of a rent deposit, which is foreseen by law as the Law for Urban Rents establishes as mandatory that “when entering into a contract it is mandatory asking for and providing a deposit in cash whose amount is equal to one month’s rent in ...

Neus Vallara

How to minimize the risks when buying a home off-plan

During November 2017 members of the MES ADVOCATS office attended the seminar on Real Estate Sales delivered by “Enfoque XXI”, which is summarized below by stating the most relevant aspects regarding the acquisition of housing through the purchase off-plan. The particularity of the purchase-sale contract is that its object falls on a future thing (projected ...

Patricia Aixerch

(CAT) Nou cop a la banca: nul·litat parcial de les hipoteques multidivisa

Mª José Machado

How to recover housing by default of the tenant?

The lease is a contract in which the owner of the property cedes the use and enjoyment of the same in favor of a third party, for a certain period of time and in exchange for a rent, so that he can use it. -the house. It may happen, during the term of the contract, ...

Patricia Aixerch

(CAT) Quant dura un contracte de lloguer?

Neus Vallara

(CAT) Incident possessori en les execucions hipotecàries

Patricia Aixerch

(CAT) Reclama la teva plusvàlua

Neus Vallara

(CAT) Qui paga l’IBI de l’exercici en curs en una compravenda?

MES Advocats

(CAT) Quins són els documents que t’ha d’entregar el venedor en la compra d’una vivenda de 2a mà?

Mara Vilanova

(CAT) Quins són els documents que t’ha d’entregar el venedor en la compra d’una vivenda de 1a transmissió?

Mara Vilanova

(CAT) Seguirem pagant l’impost de plusvàlua?

Ana Brillas

(CAT) Nova reforma de la Llei hipotecària

Neus Vallara

(CAT) Cèdula d’habitabilitat: què és i on és necessària per vendre un habitatge?

Patricia Aixerch

(CAT) Els imports entregats a compte en les compravendes d’immobles en construcció

Agnes Millet

(CAT) Actualització dels valors cadastrals

Iolanda Monzonis

(CAT) Comunitat de propietaris: principals novetats de la modificació de la Llei

Mara Vilanova

(CAT) Plusvàlues en entredit

Mara Vilanova