Information and published measures

Below you'll find the latest news on Covid-19, as well as a summary of all the information as announced by the authorities   


15-03-21 New aids for SMEs and freelancers

05-11-20 Urgent measures on IRPF and in the field of tax on stays in tourist venues. Generalitat de Catalunya

04-11-20 Extraordinary social measures of Generalitat de Catalunya

03-11-20 Self-employed fees increase

30-10-20 New mesures to contain Covid-19

13-10-20 New remote work law

09-10-20 Social Measures in defense of employment: Benefits for self-employed workers

09-10-20 Social Measures in defense of employment

17-07-20 Commonly asked questions on the use of the face mask

03-07-20 Social measures adopted by the government under Royal Decree Law 24/2020

30-06-20 Recommendations on the use and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems to prevent the spread of Covid-19

19-06-20 The catalan action plan for the new normality

17-06-20 Grants for the operating expenses of catalan businesss and cultural entities caused by the Covid-19 crisis

09-06-20 Transition measures towards a new normality phase 3

08-06-20 Transition measures towards a new normality phase 2

08-06-20 Activity resumed at the Barcelona courts of justice complex

08-06-20 Reopening of the administrative deadlines and the accounting periods of capital companies

03-06-20 Ergonomic guidelines for teleworking

19-05-20 Phase 1: Relaxes of some restrictions

13-05-20 Latest social measures in terms of of employment, royal decree law 18/2020

06-05-20 Support measures for the cultural sector because of the Covid-19

06-05-20 Phase 1: Relaxes of some measures

05-05-20 Effects of Covid-19 on the Administration of Justice

05-05-20 Financial aid from the Generalitat for shops, services, crafts and fashion

04-05-20 Phase 0: Requirements for reopening shops and services

24-04-20 Extension of the state of alarm

22-04-20 Adoption of further complementary measures to support economy and employment

15-04-20 Tax authorities extended the deadline for filing and paying tax

14-04-20 Suspension of construction works on existing buildings where there is a risk of contagion by Covid-19

14-04-20 Best practices guides for workplaces

14-04-20 Extension of the state of alarm

01-04-20 Barcelona City Council and Generalitat measures

01-04-20 Urgent complementary measures in the social and economic fields

31-03-20 Transportation Model for Waged Employees

30-03-20 Latest extraordinary measures approved, Royal Decree Law 10/2020

30-03-20 Latest Extraordinary Measures Approved, Royal Decree Law 9/2020

23-03-20 Travel Certificate

23-03-20 Prevention of occupational risks in teleworking

19-03-20 Latest Government-approved measures

19-03-20 Measures put forth by the Generalitat on economy, productive activities and occupation

18-03-20 Summary of measures for SMEs and freelancers

16-03-20 Update on tax procedures

15-03-20 Information and follow up regarding the impact of Covid-19 on companies and employees

13-03-20 Fiscal measures approved to halt the progress of the impact of COVID-19

11-03-20 Corporate Action Plan: prevention and organisational measures for Covid-19