We have a team of people with talent and constant training, committed to our customers

  • Antoni Millet

    Of Counsel Lawyer and Partner Barcelona

    Lawyer since 1970. He held positions of Senior Management in the Financial Sector. He is currently Director of the Centre d'Estudis Internacionals (CEI) of the University of Barcelona and President of the Pere Tarrés Foundation. Founding partner of Millet Advocats since 2004.

  • Emili Baucells

    Of Counsel Lawyer and Partner Barcelona

    Lawyer since 1968, with extensive experience in the fields of Commercial Law (corporate, banking and bankruptcy), Civil Law (real estate, contracting, inheritance and civil liability) and Criminal Law.

  • Agnès Millet

    Managing partner Barcelona

    Lawyer since 2003. Since 2007 she has focused her specialization in corporate and banking law. She also has a long experience in real estate counselling, and entities of the Third Sector. Founding partner of Millet Advocats since 2004.

  • Mª José Sorribas

    Head of the legal department and Partner Barcelona

    Lawyer since 1996 and professor in the Master’s degree of access to the legal profession in the ISDE. Expert in Tax Law in all its aspects, including litigation. Founding partner of SEV since 2000.

  • Núria Ejarque

    Lawyer and Partner Barcelona

    Lawyer since 2004, Social Graduate and teaching partner of the University Master's Degree in Law at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Expert in Labor Law. Founding partner of SEV since 2000, where she also directed the area of Labor Law and Management.

  • Patricia Aixerch

  • Aroa Benito

    Administrative manager
  • Ana Brillas

  • Joan Ferran

  • Laia Garcia

  • Sebastián González

    Labour relations specialist
  • Montse Guàrdia

  • Serena Martinez

  • Laura Mogica

  • Irene Moneo

  • Laia Peña

  • Marina Rodriguez

    Administrativa laboral
  • Eva Salvador

    Labour and Business relations specialist
  • Mònica de Sangenís

  • Jessika Sanz

  • Carol Sarra

  • Ana Sebastián

  • Carolina Vall

  • Neus Vallara

  • Verónica Verdugo

    Accounting administrative


  • Joaquim Llimona

    Lawyer Barcelona

    Lawyer since 1984, specialized in European community law. Professor at the University of Barcelona. He advises both companies and administrations on European and international issues.

    He has been Secretary of External Affairs of the Government of Catalonia and Commissioner of International Relations of Barcelona.

  • Miquel Llimona

    Lawyer Barcelona

    Lawyer since 1979. Specialties: commercial law, company law, international law, contracting, M & A.

    Dedicated primarily to accompany foreign investors in Spain. Secretary of the Board of several subsidiary companies of foreign companies, mainly French.

  • Eugènia Escobar

  • Gerard Navarro