Intellectual property, technology and image rights

We accompany our clients by offering them optimal and effective solutions in the preventive and reactive protection of their copyright and intellectual creations, as well as advice on new technologies, image rights and entertainment and communication law, with full specialisation in today's digital world.

Business legal strategy

Assistance to companies in making strategic decisions to anticipate risks and improve their results and exploitation account.

Accounting and tax management of companies

Accounting and fiscal management are often an extra dedication for companies, that's why we try to support our clients in the performance of their fiscal, accounting and mercantile obligations, freeing them of the burden of management by helping them to implement better processes and saving them time and money.

Labor legal advice

We respond to the labor legal needs of companies, both in their usual activity and preventively

Due Diligences

Our Due Diligences cover all branches of law, with special emphasis in the field of labor, tax, commercial and real estate law.

Assets Management

We provide legal and tax advice to companies in relation to their assets, as well as in relation to their obligations and contractual relations both in the private sector and in public administrations.

International Law

International and European law area with two objectives. First, accompanying and advising companies and individuals wishing to do business outside our borders, through first class professional offices in all European countries, the Americas and Asia. Secondly, advising companies and individuals who intend to settle or do business in our country. Proficiency of different languages (English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German) allows us a direct and personalized interaction with the client.

Industrial property, unfair competition and advertising

We offer solutions to our clients on strategic management planning and protection of their industrial property rights (trademarks, designs and inventions), of confidential information, know-how and business secrets, as well as in the field of unfair competition and advertising.

Litigation and legal proceedings

We represent our clients in all types of claims and procedures, being able to establish the most optimal procedural strategy and obtain the best result, from the deep experience of the judicial system.

Business management of companies

Aware of the fact that labor management is a complex task for companies, we seek to free our clients as much as possible from the management tasks, maintaining a close collaboration that provides the peace and confidence that this task requires

Training for companies and departments

We train our clients through seminars, talks and conferences in different areas of the company.

Accompaniment to foreign companies

We advise and manage the legal and fiscal areas of foreign companies that want to settle in Spain, as well as those that are already installed in the country and need a legal continuity service.

Secretariat of associations and foundations

We accompany and advise Associations and Foundations and their Boards and Patronages in all tasks and functions of this government body.

European Advisory

We provide our clients updated information and curated insights on European regulations and programs, and we manage their presentation and implementation of their projects before European institutions while defending their best interests.